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UPDATE: Math Melodies will be extended to the fourth grade of primary school, thanks to the funds collected through our crowdfunding campaign and to the help of the association Crazy 4 Digital Marketing!

For now, the full version of the app is available on the app store
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About Us

La nostra squadra

We are Cristian Bernareggi, Andrea Gerino e Sergio Mascetti, co-founders of EveryWare Technologies. Together with our friends of the no-profit association Crazy for Digital Marketing, we want to introduce you to Math Melodies, an application for tablet that supports blind and visually impaired children in learning mathematics.

The Project

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Math Melodies allows blind and visually impaired children to practice math in an innovative way thanks to the new technologies made available on tablets. The exercises are included within a tale that is read to the children and that is enriched with music and sounds. Math Melodies is entertaining, educational and enhances the inclusion of children with visual impairment with other children.

Thanks to the fund we collected through our crowdfunding campaign, on January 2014 we have released a first version of the app, which supports children from the first to the third year of primary school. The release of the application is available in Italian and English on the App Store.

Now, thanks to the new fundings collected through the second Math Melodies’ crowdfunding campaign, supported by the association Crazy for Digital Marketing, we have reached the amount needed to extend the app also to the fourth grade of primary school.
Math Melodies will soon be available to many more children! Now we have one last objective: to extend Math Melodies to the fifth grade, completing so all primary school’s grades.

What we need

The extension to the fifth grade requires an additional amount of 7.500 euro. The funding will be used to cover the development expenses which include: design and development of new exercises and the creation of new chapters of the tale, of pictures, sounds and music. There is really a lot of work behind Math Melodies!


In particular, we'll develop the following exercises:

What we'll give back to you

As soon as we have collected the funds for the extension of Math Melodies to the fourth grade, we have started to work hard on the development of the new chapters! We will do the same when we will reach the new objective for the fifth grade and, at the end of our work, we will keep on distributing the new version of Math Melodies for free all over the world.

We can receive different type of contributions: individual as well as donations from associations, clubs and companies. By contributing to this project you'll receive an e-mail with our gratitude and, if you wish so, you'll be mentioned on the project website.

For associations, clubs and companies, your contribution can give you back great visibility! With 2500 euro you can ask for a new translation or a new type of exercise. In both cases, your contribution will be mentioned in the application. With 5000 euro your association, club or company will be mentioned as "gold sponsor" both on the home page of the project website and in the application's acknowledgements page.

Your contribution to the project will be far more visible thanks to the communication activities undertaken by the no-profit association Crazy for Digital Marketing through e-mail, social networks and other marketing strategies.

Everyone's commitment is important! You can also support Math Melodies with your company thanks to annually Corporate Social Responsibility actions: contact us and we'll support you in presenting Math Melodies.

How you can help us


There are many ways through which you can contribute:

How to enhance Math Melodies

We can enhance Math Melodies in many ways! Beside including the new exercises for the remaining classes of primary school, we can add new translations o improve the current application, for example by having the tale read by a human voice, not by a speech synthesizer as it is in this release.

How this champaign is planned

We started this campaign on July 2013, and it will remain open until July 2014. February this year we have reached our first objective! 7.500 euro of donations that will be allocated in developing the new chapters of Math Melodies for the fourth grade of primary school; they will be ready by April 2014.
In the meanwhile we have updated the objective of the campaign: now we only have to collect the funds necessary to the extension of Math Melodies to the fifth grade!

We aim to make available, within the end of this campaign, the most complete and funny application ever to support sight impaired children in learning mathematics. Why don't you start right away to give your contribution?

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How Math Melodies works

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